WW2 Aircraft Piston Lamps

These original Pratt & Whitney R1830 pistons used in the lamps and clocks once powered some of the most famous and iconic aircraft of WW2 such as DC3, PBY-5A, B 17 and B24. Sandblasted and painted ( various colors ) they are truly a piece of aviation history.

WW2 Aircraft Piston Clocks

WW2 Aircraft Bomber Pistons. Own a piece of history. Sandblasted and painted.

Aircraft Spinner Side Tables

Three bladed prop spinners . Polished with glass tops. There is room for 1 or 2 bottles and glasses inside. Will make great side or end tables for your rec room.

PBY-5A Nose gear up lock

Original chrome plated PBY-5A and PBY 6A nose gear up lock. These are very hard if not impassible to find. Mounted on aluminum base. Would make a great conversation piece for your office, rec room or anywhere.

Franklin Mint B24

This is a great example of the B 24 ( the Squaw ) in the flight mode. It has a 27″ wingspan and is heavy. It is mounted on a polished aluminum riveted stand.

Aircraft Manual ( copy )

PBY Maintenance Manual ( copy )

Aircraft Manual ( copy )

JRM3 ( Martin Mars ) maintenance manual ( copy )

Aircraft Manuals

WW2 Aircraft Propeller Blade

This prop blade was used in WW2 by some of the most famous and iconic aircraft. They were used on some aircraft such as the DC3 and the PBY. It stands 69″ high and is 11″ wide. It is a very rare blade and it is truly a timeless piece of history.

WW2 Aircraft Propeller Blade

This prop blade was also used in WW2 by many famous aircraft such as the B17 , B25 and is still being used on the iconic DC3 today. The blade number is 6477. It is called a ” paddle blade “. It is polished and mounted a nice piece of teak. Own a timeless beautiful piece of history.

Cars and Planes

Particularly in the '50's many cars took on the aviation look and design. This is an example of that theme. These would be great anywhere you want to display them. If you have a car hood ornament that you would like made up in this theme you can contact me.